The WCHS would like to thank everyone who has become a member of the Society or has donated funds to help us with our restoration projects!  If you would like to support the Ward County Historical Society, you can donate online by clicking the button below or visit our Fundraising page for more information.

Lifetime Members:

Daniel and Joan Tuchscherer
Senator John & Mickey Hoeven
Walfried and Winifred Hankla
Bernice  Galusha
Russell Krukenberg
Lorraine Smith
Arlene and Stanley Saugstad
Roy and Helen llvedson
Frank A. and Anges E. "Peggy" Linha
Orlin and Millie Backes
Bruce and Dorothy Van Sickle
Esther I. Irwin
Harold and Gladys Blume
Gene Eggen
Willard and Irene Anderson
Gladys Peterson
Dennis and Meryl Lutz
Maury Metzger
Don and Sherrie Hummel
Blaine and Lisette Young
David and Charlotte Dannewitz
Craig Saugstad
Richard H. and Donna M. McGee
L.J. "Lew" Buzzell
Charles and Dora Traux
Mr. and Mrs .Robert J. Lowe
Ernest and Helen Pietsch
Harry and Louise Jevne
Percy and Marcella Kleeman
Kenneth Clark
Kermit and Deloris Mostad
Everett Debertin
Paul D. and Katherine J. Wherley
Edna and Oscar Folden
Ted and Ruby Larson
Paul and Marie Ristvedt
Larry and Anita Nelson
Francis and Joan Bivins
Leona R. Rubbelke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Westlie
Florence Braathen
Nancy Bjork and Mark Larson
Steve and Jan Veikley

A.P. "Bud" and Mary Nordmark
Harold and Mildred Anderson
Doran and Connie Miller
Kenneth Huwe
Don and Polly Reinarts
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bergan
Philip and Jennifer Lowe
Vernon F. and Doris L. Carlson
Verne and Dorothy Kruse
Tom and Vi Lee
Joel A . Davy
Ralph and Viola Larson
Theo and Selma Polsfut
Harris and Ardyth Kenner
Larry Claryce Erickson
George and Jeanice Officer
Dorotha M. Wehrman
Pete and Shirley M. Keller
Donald Bivins
Emery Anderson
Harold Porter
Audrey Lindgren Gruger
Arthur and Alpha Sevig
Byron and Joan Bonsness
Harold and Pauline Moen
Glenn Dill
Rueben H. and Elizabeth J. Faul
Lowell C. and Helen V. Silseth
Henry and  Angelus Widdel
Helen Hurley
Raymond and Christine Kuntz
Andre' and Dan Caswell
Tom Herman
Jan and Andy Thurston
Dawn Espindola (in Memory of
the Freeberg family)
Lee A. Snyder
Brad and Debra Hoffarth
Charles and Joan Battey
Randy and Sue Bergan
John and Ann Jermiason
Ron and Ardis Neshem

Members and Donations:

Wally and Carol Birkeland         
Barbara Bethel
Gayle and Kathy Fimreite
Donna and Amanda Watts
Curt Medalen
Dan and Angie Hoover
David Leite
Glynn and Kim Breuer
David and Nancy Fueller
Philip Lowe
Matt Aichele
Nancy Bjork
Nanna Schlafman
Jake Burck 
Claude and Pati Sem 
Nic and Krista Marshall 
Dwight Eskelson 
Randy Pease 
Gary and Betty Peterson 
Richard and Vanda Campbell
Judith Deaver
Evelyn Hildebrand
Arlene A. Ritzke
Leone Brusuen
Johnnie Gorthy
Orlan Hall
Max Zurcher
Charles and Cindy Gutha
Ted Bolte
Charles and Joan Battey

Harley and Gloria Schmidt
Lando Vix
Bruce and Jan Brooks
Donny and Sue Malcomb
Randy and Sue Bergan
Andy and Darla Fimrite
Marvin Sylstad
Peggy Smetana
Ron and Ardis Neshem
Chris Simmons
Dan Clegg
Jim and Sharon Tranby
Bethany Andreasen
Sheldon and Dawn Albertson 
Bob Anderson 
Jerome and Barb Koppelsloen 
Kenny Hennes 
Rueben Hoffer 
Jim Graven
Bernice Galusha
Jerry and Pat Jorgenson
L. Curtis and Jill Luchsinger
Bob and Lisa Wolf
Darlene Levchenko
Bruce and Cynthia Carlson
Janice Shultz Veikley
John and Ann Jermiason
Josephine Kjonaas
Roger Brabandt



 Business Donations:

AAA Heating
Ackerman-Estvold Engineering
Adv. B Ref
Allstate Insurance
American Bank Center
Berenergy Corporation
Bremer Bank
Burlington Electric
Burlington Flood Relief
Cal Dak Cabinets
The Computer Store
Coughlin Construction
Creative Cabinetry
Dakota Cruisers
Dakotah Bank
Danny Schatz and (family) Truck Stop
Dealers Development
Eaton Law Firm
Enbridge Energy ND Pipe Lines Division
Fargo Glass and Paint Co.
First Command Financial
First International Bank
First Minot Realty
First Western Bank and Trust
Gate City Bank
Gem Federal Credit Union 
Grand International 
Gravel Products 
Hensen Fur and Leather
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Jennifer R. Hildre Agency
Lacount Family Foundation
Liberty Resourses 
Mercer Engineering
Minot Community Foundation
Minot Lions Club
Minot Lodging Expo
Minot Sash and Door
Minot VFW Post 753
Mosser Chiropractic
Mountain Plains Museums Association
Muus Lumber
North Dakota State Historical Society
Northern Tier Credit Union 
Prairie Federal Credit Union
Preferred Minot Real Estate
Reiten Television KXMC
Ringoen Financial Group 
Ryan Chevrolet
Ryan GMC
Ryan Honda
Sleep Inn and Suites 
Souris River Brewing
Studebaker Club
United Lutheran Church Flaxton 
Verendrye Electric
Watne Marketing
Wells Fargo

 Thank you to our many supporters:

Marilyn Blore                                                         
Bernice Galusha
Elena Ivanova
LuAnn Novak
Dave Hovey
Christin Hart
Jamie Goulet
David Busek
Bob Ziegler
Larry Fueller
Lisa Otto
Douglas Maynard
Patrick Jones
Merle Dreher
Donald Busek
Kim Albert
James Simon
Lando Vix
Erdal Diri
Robert D. Wolf
Dawn Espindola
Bethany Andreasen
Judith Deaver
Delane Disrud 
Daniel L. Clegg
Kevin Frederick
Joseph Jastrzenbski
Colleen Johnson
Betty Ann Johnson
Dorothy Kruse
Ernst Pijining
John A. Sandeen
Nanna Schlafman
Judy Teets
Stanley Deford
Marvin Systad
Ken and Renae Williams
Evelyn Hildebrand
Ronald LaCount
John and Leanne Bills
Josephine Kjonaas
Glory Kramlich
James P. and Debra Loehrke
Penny McCormack

Francis and Joan Bivins                          
Warren and Joyce Brey
Ronald and Rose Burns
Richard and VandaCampbell
Davis and Nancy Fuller
Walfrid and Winfred Hankla
Don and Sherry Hummel
Harris and Ardyth Kenner
Robert and Ardis Markle
Glen and Valarie Ness
Darlene and Clair Watne
Carroll and Noreen Erickson
John and Barbara Samuelson
Sibley and Michael Gessner

Don and Angie Hoover 

Ronald and Darlene Sahr 
Robert and Cora Hurdelbrink
James and Sharon Woods
Steve and Tammy Pinnow
John and Cristine Dinwoode 
Patricia and Jerome Jorgenson
Bob and Betty Ziegler
Kenneth and Arlene Peterson
Clifford and Anna Thom
Wallace and Carol Birkeland
Robert and Patti Thomas
Joan and Larry Gindy
Shanon and Elaine Pulsfut
Gloria Schmidt
Marvin and Arlene Avery
Nancy Bjork
Dolores Kizima
Gary and Gloria Lenton
Phillip Lowe
L. Curtis and Jill Luchsinger
George and Jeanice Officer
Kathy Smith
Lee A Snyder
Gwen L. Szablewski
H.R. Thom
Ronald La Count
Max and Devra Zurcher
Gwen Szableski
Delores Kizima